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The only way we will get to Mars and develop a civilization there is by utilizing the collective knowledge of the entire world, from men and women of all ages and occupations, of all levels of understanding and experience. Much of this knowledge comes from the educational institutions of the world, from undergraduate students in aerospace engineering, or graduate students in medical research, or professors of psychology. The colonization and terraformation of Mars will require a vast knowledge-base, one that colleges and universities can provide.

Red Colony Chapters are a way of bringing together students from different schools and departments to talk about and form ideas for colonizing and terraforming Mars. These chapters provide an incubator for Mars discussion, and a chance to spread the word about Mars throughout the very foundations of scientific development.

If you are interested in forming a Red Colony Chapter in your college or university, all you have to do is sign up. You will become part of the global community, pledging your group's support to the quest for knowledge and scientific debate. You can even take your existing astronomy club or Mars group and join hands with the world by becoming a Red Colony Chapter. There are no strict guidelines for the formation or adoption of Chapters. Instead, we focus on free knowledge and discussion, asking that you contribute to the global Mars scene via Red Red Colony Chapters allow their members to naturally build off of their own unique talents and abilities, spawning ideas that will one day benefit the entire world as a whole, not just one organization.

As strong supporters of science and technology education for young students, we invite high school students to join us too. If you are a high school student and you wish to start a Red Colony Chapter, go ahead!

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