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How Does Red Colony Compare to the Mars Society?

The Mars Society is a large organization founded to raise public awareness of the feasibility of pioneering Mars, and to convince the United States Congress to pay for it. In 1997 aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin developed what he deemed the definitive plan to land on Mars, Mars Direct. He wrote his famous book, The Case for Mars, outlining this plan and spawning the formation of the Mars Society, which was founded the following year. The international organization can often be found working at its desert research station in Utah, meeting at its annual convention in the American heartland, or lobbying for space funding in Washington.

Unfortunately, with President Bush’s new space initiative, White House officials estimate that a US-government-funded manned mission to Mars will occur no earlier than 2030, and only after a lunar mission.

Red Colony is side-stepping the politics. We are an international symposium of thinkers and dreamers, free from any oppressive committee or restrictive chain of command. We are an active forum for the discussion of new mission architectures and Mars colonization and terraforming techniques. We wish to avoid NASA and Congress and wasteful spending and inaction, and to focus on the private sector by introducing a comprehensive and all-inclusive Plan for its adoption.

One of our goals is to educate humanity about the potential of colonizing and terraforming Mars. The Mars Society is different: they wish to teach about the potential of getting there, but what will happen next is still the topic of underground meetings and message board discussions. Red Colony gathers those visionaries together.

Most importantly, however, Red Colony differs from the Mars Society because we accept the ideas of more than one aerospace engineer, no matter how talented. Robert Zubrin's plan for the first settlement on Mars is a great start, but much remains unexplored. We represent a network of the collective knowledge of this field, sharing and appending the ideas that will one day combine to create a comprehensive Plan to colonize Mars. Our contributors include students and scientists alike, but every idea is analyzed and considered. Only by brainstorming everything about a Mars mission, from the psychology of space flight to the dexterity of titanium in 0.38-g, can we achieve Mars. We reach out to the world, realizing that the next new idea, no matter from whom, could be what gets us there.

The Mars Society is a respectable and very vital part of our global Cause for Mars, but Red Colony is just as important. We call for a joining of hands with the Mars Society and other organizations as humanity inches closer and closer to expanding our civilization to our neighbor in space.

You can read our mission statement here.