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Mission Statement

Red Colony is an active forum for the discussion of Mars colonization and terraforming. We prefer to work hand-in-hand with members of the many Mars organizations of the world, serving as a sort of network and discussion framework for the development of colonization and terraforming techniques. Read our introduction for more information.

Our main goals are as follows:

1. To educate and to inform - To educate the general public from a laymanís perspective about the advantages and possibilities of terraforming and colonizing Mars and our solar system. To promote in the general public a view of these issues as being highly relevant and applicable to todayís priorities. To inform members of the private sector who join us as to the benefits that investment in Mars colonization offers, and to initiate a popular acceptance of the priority of human settlement and Terraforming of Mars.

2. To develop and to debate - To offer colonization and terraforming enthusiasts, novices and experts, the opportunity to share their ideas and theories online and in small groups via our chat feature. To develop and discuss new theories about colonization and terraforming. To see that all developed and scientific theories regarding terraforming and colonization are considered. To publish these theories online and possibly in scientific literature.