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Mars Drive

MarsDrive was founded originally here at Red Colony in response to the demand to make Mars more visible in the public and popular media. In 2005, Frank Stratford suggested forming a committee devoted to announcing the subjects of Mars colonization and terraforming to the general public, through formats such as newspapers, radio, television, and film. Mars could be popularized, he thought, if the public could see (and be inspired by) the possibilities of living and developing another planet. Regan Walker joined in late 2005 and together with their team they have grown MarsDrive to be what it is today. You can visit MarsDrive at

Today the MarsDrive Consortium, a proactive and unifying group aiming at sending a private mission to Mars through various means, welcomes any and all people interested in supporting the global Cause for Mars. With new mission reference designs like Grant Bonin’s “Mars For Less” and the “Mars Sample Return Competition” MarsDrive are well on their way to achieving our common aim of reaching Mars soon. If you have no experience, that's fine! We're looking for people with the inspiration to make this all possible. Get involved... get inspired... inspire others.

Volunteer today! There are plenty of ways you can help. Read more about our task forces and who we are to find out more.

Our long-term goal is that goal shared by all of Red Colony: that one day a conglomerate of individuals or corporations will step up to fund and enact a great plan developed by all Mars groups and the entire scientific community.