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Mars Drive Helping is simple. Register for a Red Colony forum name to take part in community discussions in our online message board. There you will find out exactly what it is that you can contribute, and who you can ask for help. Contact Frank Stratford or Alex Moore for more information.

You may be surprised at the level of freedom you will have here. The majority of your decisions will be up to you. MarsDrive can be whatever you make out of it. If you feel that your strength is in writing, or in graphic design, or in public speaking, the Mars community needs you. Help us inspire the world!

You will have the benefit, however, of using MarsDrive for its community of activists and, quite frankly, for its name. MarsDrive serves as the public relations branch of Red Colony, a well-known and established player in the fields of colonization and terraforming... and one of the major coordinators of the Mars community. Read Who we Are to find out more.

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