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What We Do

Mars Drive A mission to Mars is exciting, but the prospect of colonizing and terraforming the entire planet is truly inspirational. Our mission is to spread the importance of colonizing and terraforming Mars to the major players in mass media. We wish to inspire the world. This can involve a number of things:
  1. Making phone calls to local newspapers
  2. Contacting radio and television networks
  3. Developing packets to pass out in classrooms
  4. Submitting movie scripts to filmmakers
  5. Writing editorials in national magazines
  6. Establishing a Red Colony Chapter in your school or university

We do all of these things to perpetuate the goals of the global Mars movement and to draw attention to the potential Mars holds for the human race. One well-developed media campaign will get the snowball rolling... it's already on the fringe of an avalanche. We use Red Colony as the basis of our public relations campaign, using the established community there and library of articles as fuel for inspiration.

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