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Mars Drive Red Colony sponsors MarsDrive as its public relations campaign, officially tied to Red Colony and its management. However, MarsDrive does not limit itself to merely campaigning for a single organization. Participants of MarsDrive find Red Colony to be a good place to do business and to carry on conversation, since much of the Mars community congregates there. But the actions and correspondence of MarsDrive can be carried out without any consultation from a board of directors or distant advisors. MarsDrive is made up of regular people who want to go to Mars.

MarsDrive is supported in part by the many contributors of the Red Colony community, although any person from any organization may take part in its activities. In official correspondence and in contact with the media, every effort is made to direct people to the Red Red Colony, then, serves as a base of operations for the inspirational process, offering pages upon pages of intriguing and captivating content. While the Mars community develops methods to colonize and terraform Mars on the website (while inspiring the individual), MarsDrive seeks to make those methods apparent in the media (while inspiring a mass movement).

Frank Stratford was the envisioning power behind MarsDrive, and Alex Moore is the founder of Red Colony and one of the leaders of the MarsDrive task force. Read the Red Colony Leaders section to find out more. Also, you can contact Frank or Alex for more information.

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image credit: Matthew Johnson / TerraGen