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Thursday, November 23, 2000

Space Colonization Forum

There's an awesome new forum by Stephanie Heck called the Space Exploration Forum. Here's a snippet from her front page:

Space exploration is not science fiction -- Space Exploration is an ongoing adventure in space, well beyond our own planet Earth and its moon, that has already touched upon most of the planets in our solar system. The technologies that have evolved from space exploration flight and aviation have advanced quickly to where they are today. With more work to be done by NASA, and even private enterprises, the speed with which space exploration advances should accelerate exponentially once we take space exploration more seriously as an advanced aviation, as well as a human science.

The discussion threads on space exploration topics that follow are intended to inspire the imagination it takes to explore the infinite possibilities of discovering the planets, distant solar systems, the galaxy and someday the whole universe, and, in the process, all the yet to be discovered technologies that will make that once remote possibility a future factual state.

How cool is that :-)

- posted by Alex @ 17:56 EST