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Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Latest Happenings and Holiday Preparations

We've been quite busy around here. Here's the latest word on all the recent happenings:

Red was purchased on Saturday, December 2, 2000 under the direction of RC president, Alex Moore. The site is not functional as of now, but will operate under the name "Red" or codename RC org. Set to debut later this month, the site will be hosted by Elliance, ebusiness, ecommerce & web marketing solutions partner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Red will "feature short stories, essays, and other science fiction all about the colonization of the Red Planet." But what does this mean? In short, this means that Red will remain the best resource for information on Mars with the latest news and articles on the future of the Red Planet, while RC org will be more lose science fiction. You'll be able to read some of sci-fi authors' greatest works dealing with colonizing Mars, plus some of our own ideas here at RC.

"This has been my dream all along. To publish some of my own fictional works on the internet while promoting the benefits of colonizing space. Soon RC will not only be known for the largest and most elaborate selection of colonization information but for its vast selection of science-fiction novels, novellas, short stories, and essays." - RC President Alex Moore

Tomorrow's major Mars announcement has been on everyone's mind around here. We'll post that information as soon as it comes to us. The announcement begins at 2:00, something NASA calls "our most exciting discovery yet." z

You may have noticed the new title image that was put up on Sunday. This image is in its test phase and may be changed again, depending of course on what you guys think.

The Holiday season rush has brought with it some down-time. This is reason to switch over to Elliance for this site as well. If we do switch servers, it will have no affect on the site, just in the amount of "up-time."

Minor note: the contact page is currently having issues. Please direct all email to for the time being, and we'll do our best to correct this problem. Special thanks to Brian Rudo for helping with the problem and to #1 Web Host's Technical Support.

- posted by Alex @ 18:14 EST