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Saturday, September 1, 2001

Artificial Gravity

Artificial Gravity.
Artificial Gravity.
Credit: Unknown
Two dot-com millionaires have decided to do something that NASA even has overlooked. Artificial gravity is a serious requirement for a trip to and from Mars. Over the several month period in space, 0 gravity would mean a decrease in bone density, weaker muscles and immune system, and other health-threatening complications. Gravity would have to be "created" in space, a process involving a rotating space ship. A mission to be launched within a few years by multi-millionaires, Elon Musk (30) and Adeo Ressi (29), with contributions from the Mars Society and the Life to Mars Foundation, will send mice into orbit for 6 weeks in Martian artificial gravity (.38 G) to see if mammals can reproduce and survive in those conditions. According to Musk, people went into the internet "because they thought it was a really important thing that would change things in a positive way and make life better." He says now people "will look around and say, ‘What should I do next?’ And I think space will be that thing."

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