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Monday, November 11, 2002

The Dawn of a New Era (I'm serious!)

You might notice that things seem a little bit jumbled right now. In addition to a general update of the files, profiles, and indexes of Red, there has been a change in the mission of this site. Brian Rudo, Jim Keener, and I have written several articles on Red over the last few years, as you can see in the new Article Index. But when it comes to the colonization of another planet, three authors' ideas are not enough. More importantly, articles should not be forced to restate what Martin Fogg or Robert Zubrin have already written. Articles should be unique and imaginative! The field is young and limitless, and no one knows for sure what our boundaries really are. Ideas should not be based on one or two individual's scientific hypotheses. This is science fiction at its finest, and Red Colony should focus more on the 'fiction' than the scientific equations. Other sites have their thirty-page scientific papers and graphs. The Mars Society focuses on lobbying in Congress and is tied behind NASA and its budget. Let us be the ones with no restrictions and with endless opportunities. Our community is thriving and each visitor has the potential to add a very unique part to this evolving field. Let us be the innovator... let us go down in history as the site that awakened a sleeping world to Mars. We can do it. You can help. Submit your imagination.

- posted by Alex @ 15:01 EST