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Friday, December 27, 2002

Paying for Mars

A lander on Mars.
A lander on Mars.
Credit: Unknown
How can we make going to Mars profitable? Why, shameless commercialism of course. David J Ellard, in a thought-out article, explains his idea for the sale of Mars land, naming rights, and memorabilia. A good read, and I especially like the last bit:

The task of opening up the new frontier is ours. We are the first generation without a frontier, but we can still remember what that means. We still have some of the drive that pushes us to explore, to expand. If we leave this to our children we run the risk of them having forgotten the frontier sprit. We risk them always passing the challenge on to the next generation. We risk cloning generations of apathetic explorers, eager to discover in theory but never in practice. Mars is there for all humanity, but it is all of us who must be there for Mars.

- posted by Alex @ 23:56 EST