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Friday, February 28, 2003

RC Team to Attend Robert Zubrin Lecture

Penn State Mars Society.
Penn State Mars Society.
Credit: Pennsylvania State University Mars Society Chapter
The Red team is packing their bags. Tomorrow we will be traveling to Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania. Dr. Robert Zubrin, a founder of the Mars Society, founder and president of Pioneer Astronautics, author of the influential book The Case for Mars, and winner of the prestigious Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award is touring various colleges and universities in the United States. His recent lectures have covered such topics as colonization (including the Mars Direct method), terraforming, and the Columbia disaster. After the lecture, the Pennsylvania Mars Society will meet with Zubrin and we'll have the opportunity to ask him any questions we might have. We will take lots of pictures (if we're allowed), wear our Red Colony t-shirts, and maybe even get an exclusive interview with the Mars Man himself!

- posted by Alex @ 15:29 EST