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Monday, March 3, 2003

Robert Zubrin's Lecture and the Mars Society

From left: Alex Moore, Dr. Robert Zubrin, Brian Rudo.
From left: Alex Moore, Dr. Robert Zubrin, Brian Rudo.
Credit: Unknown
On Saturday, Brian Rudo and I drove to Pennsylvania State University and attended a lecture by Dr. Robert Zubrin. The lecture lasted for only an hour, but in that time we became so enthralled by Dr. Zubrin's speech, that we fell in love with Mars all over again. The International Mars Society president outlined his plan for humans on Mars by 2010. His lecture was so well-presented that we understood that there is no reason why his dream can't be realized. A lifelong aeronautical engineer, Dr. Zubrin has developed a method he calls Mars Direct. The cost for putting humans on Mars, he says, is only 2 billion dollars a year. That's pocket change for a government with an adjusted GNP three times that of 1961, the year Kennedy demanded a man on the moon by 1970. And in 1961, none of the technology required actually existed.

After the meeting, Brian and I attended the Pennsylvania Chapter Mars Society meeting where we met many members of the organization. Dr. Zubrin took time to speak again, and he answered many of our questions. Afterward, we spoke with Dr. Zubrin and told him about Red Perhaps not surprisingly, he (and almost everyone there) had heard of it. Dr. Zubrin suggested ways Red could help the Mars Society. He gave us insight into the future of the Mars Society and ways Red Colony could help lead a social movement to increase public awareness. Expect more to come on Red Colony's involvement in the Mars Society...

You can see a bigger (historic?) picture of the photo above here.

- posted by Alex @ 19:43 EST