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Thursday, March 6, 2003

Mars Has Squishy Core

Diagram of Mars' possible inner structure.
Diagram of Mars' possible inner structure.
A new study done by researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory was published today in the online version of the journal Science. The group studied the tidal effects on NASA spacecraft orbiting Mars to determine more information about the center of Mars.

According to the researchers, Mars has a liquid core -- or, more accurately, a squishy center that shifts as other bodies such as the sun move in relation to Mars. The interior of the core may be solid, but scientists are now almost positive that the outer layer is liquid.

This coincides with recent discoveries about possible "recent" geologic activity on Mars.

The study was also able to determine a more accurate size for the core. It is now known to be between 1,890 and 2,286 miles in diameter. This means that the minimum distance from the surface to the core comes down to about 963 miles.

(More info:, KBCI News)

- posted by Brian @ 18:15 EST