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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Gravity Control Technologies

Diagram of unmanned prototype.
Diagram of unmanned prototype.
Credit: Gravity Control Technologies
Red Colony recently received an email from the CEO of Gravity Control Technologies, a research company working on superconductivity and how that can be used for what most people call antigravity.

Of special interest is their first planned test of this new technology. The company will soon be registering with X-Prize to formalize their intent to construct a craft capable of flight through gravity control. This mission will be named Mars I. You guessed it. Initial projections call for the Mars I to launch in 2007 and spend 28 days in orbit or on the surface of Mars. The mission will be studying such questions as whether or not there is or has ever been life on Mars, the availability of usable water, the possibility of establishing colonies, the requirements for supporting humans on Mars, and the ability to mine Mars for essential resources.

(More info: Gravity Control Technologies)

- posted by Brian @ 16:42 EST