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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Radiation Data Misreported by the Associated Press

MARIE Radiation detecting instrument.
MARIE Radiation detecting instrument.
Credit: NASA/JSC
A press release from the Mars Society concerning the recent information about Martian radiation showed concern over the lack of accuracy in the Associated Press' reporting of the issue. In particular, the Associated Press portrayed the radiation danger as much higher than the report said, and claimed that it would halt human exploration of Mars. There is no other way to say it but that this is completely false.

The true data say that there is an increase of risk for cancer during an 18-month stay on Mars of about one quarter of a percent. This is about one hundredth of the chance the average smoker has of getting cancer at some time in their life.

Therefore, the new data show that it is more practical than ever to go to Mars. I apologize for my error.

(More info: Mars Society, NASA MARIE Results)

- posted by Brian @ 19:49 EST