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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Landing Sites Page

Landing sites.
Landing sites.
Credit: NASA
In response to the announcement made Friday that NASA has chosen the two landing sites for the Mars Exploration Rovers, we have created a page called Landing Sites. The page can be found as part of the 2003 MER feature. You can expect more to be added to this page as information comes in.

I have a request. We're trying to create Mars Mission pages sections for each past, present, and future mission to Mars. A full timeline and index can be found here. The project is massive. It would take literally months for Brian, Jim, and me to create all these pages from scratch... that is, gather all the information and pics, write the sections, and post them in the Mars Mission format. So, we're asking you guys to help contribute. What's needed is what's not already posted. In other words, we'll take whatever you've got. Take a look at the Mars Direct section for an example.

If you would like to help in any way, check out the Missions to Mars message board.

- posted by Alex @ 15:49 EST