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Saturday, June 21, 2003

New T-Shirt Design

While slowly and comfortably drifting off to sleep, holding my fishing rod and relaxing in a straw chair on the dock, staring at the sunset and listening to the waves crash against the sea wall and the gulls fly overhead, I envisioned a man doing the same thing on another planet, hundreds of years from now. What pride he will feel, knowing that his race is able to reproduce such beauty throughout the universe... I feel the strong pull of a fish and jerk carelessly out of my thoughts, only to lose the prize-winning snook I'm sure was mine. Ahh, the thought occurs to me, I need to make a few changes to the Red Colony store. And yes, in my meditations overlooking a pristine, Floridian bay, I brainstormed a pretty cool T-Shirt.

The front reads: This is Mars. (picture of Mars) This is Mars Terraformed. (picture of Earth)
The back reads: (picture of red colony logo) Any questions?

You can look at the shirt in the Red Colony Store and even buy one or two. We've also introduced hats, a tote bag, and various other items.

- posted by Alex @ 21:10 EST