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Thursday, July 24, 2003

CafePress Announces Book Publishing

So what does this mean? Well, I happen to have an obsession with writing. It's what I'm going to college for, and it's why I started this site. A few years back, some members of the forum and I discussed the possibility of creating a "joint-effort Red Colony book" of sorts. It would include the articles and stories on Red Colony with some background information about Red Colony. More of a reference than an attempt at the New York Times bestseller list, we gave up on the idea.

However, now that publishing is easier than ABC, our options are limitless. Could we write a small monthly magazine, or a yearly encyclopedia? Could we make an index of the entire site, word-by-word, or a public service announcement-esque pamphlet? A joint-novel or terraforming method perhaps? It's up to you to decide. Email me or voice your opinion on the Forum. I want to run with this.

- posted by Alex @ 14:33 EST