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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Bill Clark's Theory of F and G Forces

Bill Clark, author of several novels and scientific articles and speaker at the upcoming Mars Society annual conference, has sent us his Theory of F and G Forces. Here is his description of his (somewhat controversial) theory:

The "f and g equations" are a solution to the Two Body Equation, for the gravitational forces of one body orbiting another. I show these "f and g equations" represent two new gravitational forces. These "f and g forces" have contributed to the very high failure rate of missions to Mars (nine of twelve missions have failed; all six Russian probes were lost years ago, and three recent US missions were lost). One of the forces originates near Mars' orbit, and it is not accounted for in typical trajectory models. This force near Mars is also the cause of a mysterious aspect of the geology of Mars which could only have been done by huge oceans of water existing there for aeons. This is physically not possible because Mars is so small that any water would quickly evaporate to space. The second force, originating near the Sun, is shown to cause a distortion in space usually attributed to Relativity. Independent, analytical proof of these "f and g forces" is presented from many perspectives: complex analysis, relativity theory, celestial mechanics, solid state physics, dynamics, fractal theory, and via a numerical model of the Earth to Mars trajectory. Five spacecraft are currently en route to Mars ~ will they arrive OK?

You'll want to look at this one.

- posted by Alex @ 0:48 EST