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Friday, August 29, 2003

Why Colonize Mars? Page

Erosion on Mars.
Erosion on Mars.
I've written a list of reasons why we should colonize Mars. I'm going to continue updating the list, but this is the latest version. It seems like this site needed a page explaining why so many people want to colonize Mars. Here's the beginning of that page:

My grades arenít too bad in history, and I could bore you with a story about 16th century Europeans and dreams of leaving their crowded, disease-infested cities and moving to the empty New World. I could ramble on about how the expansion to this continent brought about progresses in exploration and cartography that would fuel the scientific revolution of a new age. And if I were really cruel, I could spend this entire page talking about how the country that came out of it advanced the world perhaps centuries beyond its time in scientific, economic, diplomatic, and religious progress.

But thatís not why youíre here.

Go read it. I'm proud of it :-)

- posted by Alex @ 13:42 EST