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Friday, September 5, 2003

Opinion Piece at Hits Mark

There's an inspiring opinion piece over at dealing with NASA's vision for the future. The article explains that it is not NASA that lacks a clear vision, it is we who need glasses. This is my favorite part:

This past week Mars was closer to Earth than it has been in all of recorded history -- and the world noticed. The close encounter peaked the day after the CAIB report came out, renewing the great space debate. Whether by divine intervention or not, there's no denying that the bright red "star" is a sign in the heavens and could be telling us something.

So let's not waste too much time on debating why we should go. Choose one or more: Spirit of exploration, national pride, a jobs program for the aerospace industry, science, or as the next step in ensuring the survival of our species before our planet becomes toast in five billion years.

For now, for me, it's enough just to go. In any case, it is inevitable that one day humans will walk on Mars. Whether it's our peers from another country, or our children or grandchildren who make the trip, it's going to happen. It has to. And I'm among those who are impatient.

- posted by Alex @ 15:54 EST