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Monday, November 24, 2003

Article Submissions

It's been a while since we've posted any new articles, but we feel it's about time. We are issuing a call for articles about any topic dealing with Mars colonizaiton or terraforming. Articles are the heart of Red, and they certainly make up the majority of our content. If you are interested in writing an article, visit the Submit Work page. Here's an article we recently received:

The wrold is big but there is jest a little bit of air. but if we keep polluting the air there will not be very much air left. If we dig inside Mars we can find lits of things like all sorts of rocks. And if we find life there is a chanse of not be abele to setle on Mars. But we haveint found life. So there is a chanse of life on Mars. Hannah Erdy, Age 6, Grade 1, Chillicothe, Ohio

It just goes to show that Red Colony welcomes anyone with an interest in Mars!

Thanks, Hannah!

- posted by Alex @ 22:46 EST