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Thursday, January 8, 2004

Bush Plans Space Initiative

President Bush.
President Bush.
Credit: Unknown
Congressional sources say that President Bush is planning a major new space initiative announcement sometime next week. The plan is said to include a lunar mission, Mars mission, or both.

Many observers expected such an announcement on the recent anniversary of powered flight, however, one was not forthcoming. Experts say that the new initiative possibly is linked to both the recent successful Mars landing and national security issues. Such a plan would pursue some civilian objectives while creating close links between NASA and the Defense Department. Some are concerned that while a lunar research base may be a peaceful station, many military minds see it as a way to take the high ground as the Europeans, Indians, and Chinese all plan missions to the moon. In pre-September 11th terms, China was considered by many to be a growing threat to national security.

Regardless of any overtones of militance, be it for good or bad, any major space initiative would be hard pressed to be bad for the future of space exploration. The sooner manned missions to other planetary bodies resume, the sooner we can move on with grander goals, such as the colonization and terraforming of Mars. Perhaps President Bush will break NASA out of its rut next week.

(More info: Yahoo! News)

- posted by Brian @ 20:12 EST