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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Red Colony's New Focus

A new focus.
A new focus.
Credit: FP Software Lab
Red Colony is changing. With President Bush's recent announcement, it appears that the United States Government has no plans to send humans to Mars until long after a base has been established on the moon. Although his initiative is noble in premise, it is ignorant to the scientific and economic benefits of colonizing Mars... today.

That's where we come in. For over three years, Red Colony has educated the public as to these benefits. For two years, we have involved the public by providing them the chance to submit their own ideas about colonizing and terraforming Mars. Their ideas have been discussed and debated by other enthusiasts, students and scientists alike, and their ideas have the potential to one day be enacted on Mars. Now, we set out to do even more.

Red Colony will establish a plan to organize, fund, and launch a manned mission to Mars by 2017. We will achieve investment from private corporations and collaborate with major industrial leaders to make going to Mars scientifically and economically profitable. Our "Plan" will be developed from the articles, methods, short stories, and novels that you submit. It will be continually updated, revised, remodeled, and reshaped... but it will not be written by just one person. The Plan will be a living, breathing document citing everything humanity knows about Mars and human space flight. As time progresses, the Plan will become more specific until finally it leads us to Mars.

I have established two Research Teams: Finance and Public Relations. Their members will, respectively, investigate methods for raising funds and raising publicity. If necessity demands, other Research Teams will be created. If you are interested in joining either of these Teams, or if you just want to participate in debate on the forums, feel free to register.

- posted by Alex @ 16:42 EST