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Saturday, January 24, 2004

New Method: Matthew Johnson's Method

A terraformed Mars.
A terraformed Mars.
Credit: Matthew Johnson/Terragen
As all of us eagerly await the arrival of Opportunity, I thought it would be nice to provide some good reading material. That is quite an understatement. Matthew Johnson has submitted to us his method for terraforming Mars. Using PFCs and other greenhouse gasses to start, Matthew says that Mars's atmosphere can be thickened until liquid water can flow freely on the surface. Oceans are necessary and unavoidable, and as the water cycle begins to spin, salt will drain into the seas. From plants to insects to animals, Mars will quickly become another home for life. Quite a unique theory, Matthew explains that an artifical moon orbiting Mars is necessary for the biological clocks of many animals. He has mapped out a timeline for each step in the terraforming process, and each step is as interesting as it is thoughtful.

- posted by Alex @ 22:56 EST