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Friday, January 30, 2004

More Evidence For Martian Life

T-Rex fossil.
T-Rex fossil.
As reported on Wednesday, scientists have found a terrestrial analog to the bacteria thought to exist as fossils inside a Martian meteorite. What we didn't mention was that there was more to the scientists' research.

The team's research shows that the structures inside the meteorite are life from Mars "beyond reasonable doubt." Using a complicated analysis of the structures in comparison to Earth bacteria and other tests, the Australians discovered not only that the fossils matched all eleven features of their biosignatures but also that it was impossible for them to have formed on Earth. "It's more conclusive than finding a T-rex skeleton," one of the researchers said.

This also raises questions as to the origin of life on Earth. "[I]t demonstrates quite clearly that there was life on Mars before there was life on Earth...[a]nd with this fossil record that we've got now, it indicates that life probably came from Mars." This idea is known as panspermia, and has been widely accepted as possible in the past, with tests confirming that bacteria could survive the interplanetary environment for millions of years. But until now, there was little evidence for it.

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- posted by Brian @ 22:00 EST