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Thursday, March 4, 2004

Rovers Hard at Work

The rock,
The rock, "Humphrey." The "paw print" is the remains of 3 rock abrasion tool uses.
Credit: NASA/JPL
Date: 03-03-2004
Sol: 59
Wake up tune: "One More Time" by The Real McCoy

Using its RAT to gain access tot he inside of "Humphrey,” Spirit used its Mössbauer spectrometer to take measurements. The MI and X-ray spectrometer were used to take measurements from a grinding yestersol. The software bug that caused the RAT to stop grinding prematurely on Sol 58 will be fixed in a software update at the end of this month. Spirit will take a 360-degree panoramic image.

Date: 03-04-2004
Sol: 39
Wake up tune: "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR

The wake up tune was in honor of a solar eclipse by Deimos. The panoramic camera was used to capture this. Opportunity was sent some 490 commands to execute the most complex task on Mars yet. These were necessary to take multiple pictures of the same site with the MI. The multiple pictures were needed because the MI does not have an auto-focus and has to be used at different heights to get an image in focus (and the scientist would like an image in focus). Another reason is that to create a 3D computer topography simulation, images are needed at different angles. The Mössbauer spectrometer was used on "Makar" at a location named "Last Chance."

(More info: NASA/JPL)

- posted by Jim @ 16:23 EST