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Saturday, March 13, 2004

New Article: Mars, One-Way

A sunset on Mars.
A sunset on Mars.
Credit: Kees Veenenbos
Gerhard von MŁehle has written a new article, entitled Mars, One-Way. Sharing his views on why we can and must go to Mars, he makes some pretty bold statements. He calls Sean O'Keefe a "bean counter" and makes a point for saving the Hubble. Here's a snippet:

Our current tentative man-in-space steps seem gutless, timid and uninspiring. Has America lost its nerve? Are we a nation of spineless wimps? Iíll go to Mars on a one-way trip. Who wants to join me? Iíll bet millions of bright, thoughtful people would give their lives to join the adventure. To have finally come to the point where we begin to understand our place in this grand realm but fail to embrace what it offers with wholehearted enthusiasm, risks and all, is a cowardís choice. Where are the voices of hope, of courage?

A great opinion piece that deserves a read.

- posted by Alex @ 12:34 EST