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Sunday, June 27, 2004

New Article: Two Paths

The beauty of space.
The beauty of space.
Credit: NASA
Matthew Davidson of the forum has written a very sharp and controversial article about the benefits of a privately funded space agency. Rather than rely on the government, which is often terribly inefficient, Matthew claims that we should allow the principles of economics to take over. Here's a snippet:

NASA isn't helping development in space, despite what they claim.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. By taking tax dollars away from private industry, they are slowing the progress and the growth of the companies that are actually serving the people. NASA isn't helping--they are hurting. Since all of their choices are arbitrary guesses, they fail to meet the demands of the people. Private industry also is taking guesses as to what the people want; however, if they guess incorrectly the people will withdraw their investments and move them to other companies. NASA is spending money on things people don't want. They are taking resources from productive areas and spending them elsewhere.

- posted by Alex @ 18:11 EST