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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Welcome to the New Red Colony!

Earth and Mars combine.
Earth and Mars combine.
Credit: XBWalker
After months of preparation, we are proud to welcome you to the new Red Colony! The website release coincides with our new focus: to focus on the specifics which will allow us to get to, colonize, and terraform Mars. We now have begun to reach out to different universities, gathering together people with the desire to apply what they know to Mars. By continuing to develop theories in these evolving fields we can tap the collective knowledge of the entire world, and truly find the most logical, efficient, and realistic way to Mars.

We have rebuilt the entire website from the ground up to give you access to our enormous archives. Explore the entire News Archive, from our first update in July 2000, or browse some historic screenshots from RC's past. The Mars Pic of the Day archive offers a searchable database of every daily Mars image since 2003, including the Mars Exploration rover images. And the feature is still available to be added to your own website.

The Forum has completely changed! In our continuing effort to integrate community discussion with the content of the website, we have introduced a new forum. You'll find the features and ease of use well worth the few seconds it takes to register a new name.

Our most exciting new feature is the Control Panel. Offering 8 different color schemes, a font size changer, and layout options, the Control Panel allows you to personalize Red Colony as you like it. And yes, you can change back to the old color scheme :-)

Red Colony's gem, however, is its articles. We now offer a searchable Article Index, filled with articles, short stories, and novels, submitted by people of all backgrounds from over the years. These articles cover topics as diverse as bioengineering and politics, and are sorted in convenient categories which can be found in the left column of the site. If you would like to join in and share your own ideas, submit your work today!

We hope that you find the new layout of the site easy to navigate, but we also hope that you find it easy to get involved. Red Colony is always on the lookout for new ideas, and our members are constantly exploring, revising, and perfecting various methods of Mars colonization and terraforming. We will inspire the world, and then show them how it can be done. The future is today. Join us.

- posted by Alex @ 6:24 EST