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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

New Article: Focusing on Humans

Protesting Mars.
Protesting Mars.
Credit: AP Photo
Luciano Méndez has submitted his article, Focusing on Humans. In it he makes a case for making most people care about Mars. We will not be able to convince the general public as to the scientific benefits of colonizing Mars, but we will be able to give a Mars mission the human appeal that people long for. Wonderful article. Here's a snippet:

To focus on humans that will travel to Mars will guarantee people’s interest in the enterprise, for the same reason why reality shows became a success: because every spectator identifies with some characteristic of the participants´ personality or life story, generating the empathy that allows them to meet the explorer experiences. Therefore, the exploration of a far-away world would stop being a distant experience, to become a sum of emotive situations of a fellow man involved in an unprecedented adventure. Millions of people will take part in it, first emotionally, and then in an intellectual way, in order to enjoy this adventure of knowledge. Therefore, the goal of influence positively and immediately in everyone’s personal life would be achieved.

- posted by Alex @ 0:59 EST