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Friday, September 10, 2004

Non-Profit Group Designing Mars Base

Greenhouse concept.
Greenhouse concept.
This morning I received an exciting note in my mailbox. A group of engineers from MIT and elsewhere have founded an organization devoted to design and build the first permanent base on Mars. The group, called the Mars Homestead Project, includes a variety of specialists in various fields, and includes such well-known figures as terraforming expert Dr. Chris McKay on their board of advisors. One of the project's leaders is Bruce Mackenzie, whose work has been featured in Zubrin's The Case for Mars and Kim Stanley Robinson's famous trilogy, and who has been Executive Director for the Mars Society and a member of the leadership team for the National Space Society.

The project's current goal is to complete the initial plan for the base by 2005, and construct prototypes to test their ideas. In addition, they hope to push for a formal joint effort to increase membership in various space organizations and involve their chapters in helping with the project. Ultimately they hope to build a thriving, sustained settlement on Mars.

It appears at this early stage that the goals of the Mars Homestead Project coincide heavily with our own, and we look forward to an exciting relationship with this new organization.

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- posted by Brian @ 19:03 EST