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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Red Colony Chapters

Red Colony Chapters.
Red Colony Chapters.
Credit: Unknown
We are proud to introduce a huge new feature at Red Colony: Red Colony Chapters. Red Colony Chapters are a way of bringing together students from different departments in the world's educational institutions to talk about and form ideas for colonizing and terraforming Mars. These chapters provide an incubator for Mars discussion, and a chance to spread the word about Mars throughout the very foundations of scientific development.

If you are interested in forming a Red Colony Chapter in your university or high school, you will be pleased to learn it's easier than you think. Unlike many organizations, we don't have strict guidelines for the formation of Red Colony Chapters. Instead, we focus on free knowledge, allowing members to naturally build off of their own unique talents and abilities, spawning ideas that will one day benefit the entire world as a whole, not just one organization.

For more information, read our Chapter Introduction. You can also find a list of all the Chapters on the Chapter Index. If you decide to create a Chapter, you can read the Chapter Startup Guide to find out how to build and maintain it.

- posted by Alex @ 1:21 EST