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Thursday, November 18, 2004

New Short Story: 2190 RC

A ship above Mars.
A ship above Mars.
Credit: John Ridgway and Dan Dare
Brunnen G has sent us a short story called 2190 RC. This exciting story of a soldier's preparation for battle has a history to serve as its own backstory. Here's a snippet:

In the time before counting, Mars had become the home of humanity. In shame we fled the dying Earth, saving what we could from the storm of our making. As refugees we landed here hidden in vast domes as the first Great and Terrible machines were built, changing Mars to a place where we might survive outside and flourish once more.

Men were also changing. The castes emerged. First came the warrior caste, strong and fearsome. Their pointed teeth, horns and need for raw meat separated them from society, and for a time they were outcasts, living in the wild places where life is hard and death comes swiftly.

Read it here.

- posted by Alex @ 22:37 EST