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Saturday, December 11, 2004

New Short Story: Comet 13

Ares, god of war.
Ares, god of war.
Credit: Unknown
Yet again, we have received another great short story submission. Entitled Comet 13 by Tim Volkert, this is an absolutely great piece of fiction. Tim's writing ability really shines in this piece, and his story is as captivating as it is imaginative. The work makes a comment on humanity's inherent desire for power through war and imagines a political scene which seems it could be not too distant. Here's a snippet:

“Good morning, little one!” Sheena said as Darrick stumped into the cafeteria. Her pet name for him had irritated him at the start of their relationship, especially since he was a bit over six feet tall, but over the months it seemed to merely enhance her charm.

“Morning,” Darrick replied as he plopped down at their usual table, one by a fairly large window overlooking Ophir Chasma. Mariner Prime was situated just ten meters under the northern cliff of Valles Marineris. Only the cafeteria and the gym had windows; it was expensive to rad-shield them in northern winter, when the sun shone down onto the north side of the canyon. After a long, dazed look out the window, Darrick shook his head to clear it and poured some coffee.

“Still having nightmares?” Sheena asked as she accepted a piece of sihkdahla Darrick passed her.

“What? Oh, I guess. I don’t remember,” Darrick answered with his eyes on his pancakes.

Sheena saw this and said, “Tell me what’s bothering you. You may not remember your dreams, but you know your nightmares.”

Tim is the founder of the Marquette High School Astronomy Club, the most recent Red Colony chapter, already with 16 members!

- posted by Alex @ 15:23 EST