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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

British Scientists Propose Planetary Parks for Mars

View of a national park in Quebec.
View of a national park in Quebec.
Credit: Bounjour Québec
In the first known major move by "Reds," British scientists have proposed cordoning off seven areas of Mars to be isolated from human influence. No spacecraft would be allowed to land, however visitors would be allowed in designated trails. "It is the right of every person to stand and stare across the beautiful barrenness and desolation of the Martian surface without having to endure the eyesore of pieces of crashed spacecraft scattered across the landscape."

It is unlikely that their specific proposal will be adopted, however. Some of the areas that they wish to cordon off, such as the polar caps, may be vital to survival on Mars through the resources that they contain.

Many have considered this a valid form of preserving the old Mars if Mars were to be terraformed. Proponents of this approach would put massive domes across these areas to protect them from changes to the atmosphere. The scientists did not appear to be considering terraforming when making this proposal, however.

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