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Friday, December 24, 2004

New Article: Lunar Laws

Earth's beautiful moon.
Earth's beautiful moon.
Credit: Joanne Hailey
Steven Wintergerst has sent us an article to celebrate some of the concerns of lunar colonization this Christmas Eve. His article covers ways to preserve both the natural beauty of the Moon and the historical sites visited by the Apollo missions. This is from Steven's email:

For some time, I have thought about colonizing the moon, and what it might entail. I certainly havenít come up with all the answers, and in fact, I couldnít even find a decent site to talk about it on. Iíve posted on Red Colony before, and found it to be a very useful, informational, and casual site for discussing Mars. I thought to myself it would be great if a site like that existed for the moon. After countless searching, I wrote to Red Colony, to ask them if they knew of any such site. Alas, such a site did not exist, but Alex informs me that maybe, if Iím really good, and Red Colony gets a lot of interest in the subject, maybe Santa will build such a site.

As Iíve already discovered, writing about something enough can sometimes create just that sort of interest. Thus, I bring you my very first article about lunar colonization.

The first article on Red Colony about lunar colonization, Lunar Laws breaks new ground in our recognition of humanity's need to colonize both Mars and the Moon.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

- posted by Alex @ 17:58 EST