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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

NOVA to Air Overview of MERs

Blueberries on Mars
Blueberries on Mars
Credit: NASA/JPL
While not directly related to the colonization or terraforming of Mars, part of the job of Red Colony is to build general interest in Mars, which will lead to other things. It is with this in mind that we encourage all viewers of Red Colony and their friends and families to watch an upcoming NOVA broadcast on PBS. The producer's goals seem in line with our own. "I want people to come away from the show with a sense of exploring another planet, that they feel this is worth doing and that it's done by regular human beings. What I really try to do is reach other people who don't have science backgrounds and show them how interesting it can be."

The show will air one day after the one-year anniversary of Spirit landing on Mars, on January 4 at 8 PM EST on PBS. Local times may vary.

(More info: Boston Herald)

- posted by Brian @ 17:38 EST