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Monday, January 10, 2005

Better Solar Panels

Solar panels at sunrise.
Solar panels at sunrise.
Credit: Unknown
The University of Toronto has created a revolutionary new solar panel (more of a solar "film") that is 5 times more efficient than traditional panels. At 30% efficiency, it is about as efficient as our cars are at turning gas into movement. The new film consists of quantum dots (interesting arrangements of semiconductors) and plastic polymers. The film can capture infrared light, which is why it is more efficient. The film can be put anywhere: walls, roofs, hats, and even woven into fabrics. This technology could pave the way for a truely wireless world, one in which we could recharge our portable devices where we stand. Science labs in remote locations could also benefit by not having to have a gas or nuclear generator next to them. Speaking of remote, few things would be as remote as a base on the surface of Mars. Solar power is another very efficient, and most likely affordable, alternative to nuclear power on Mars.

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- posted by Jim @ 20:38 EST