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Thursday, February 17, 2005

ESA Claims Mars Had Real Seas

A watery Mars.
A watery Mars.
Credit: Unknown
The European Space Agency today released a finding by its scientists that Mars not only once had liquid water on the surface as was found by the Mars Exploration Rovers, but had it for millenia over hundreds of thousands of square miles.

The findings, facilitated by the work of the Mars Exploration Rovers, do a great deal to bolster arguments for life on Mars. The water, which was probably of a neutral pH and was around in at least the first billion years of Mars' history, would have given similar chances to life on Mars as was given to life on Earth. If life formed during this period, it is likely remnants were able to eke out a survival as Mars slowly decayed. If it did not, it would have been difficult for it to form later on. This discovery shows that Mars probably had the right ingredients for life, right when the conditions were ripe for growth.

In addition, the discovery may confirm the theory that the giant canyon of Valles Marineris was formed by liquid water, which fed into a massive northern ocean.

(More info: Yahoo! News)

- posted by Brian @ 21:34 EST