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Monday, February 21, 2005

New Article: Signs of Life on Mars

Graph of O2.
Graph of O2.
Credit: Luciano Méndez
A new article was submitted to us today by Luciano Méndez entitled Signs of Life on Mars. An explanation of some different theories of present life on Mars, the article includes an original theory by the author of the curious levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. Here's a snippet:

The possibility of life on Mars still can not be discarded, since there is indirect evidence of its existence, as the promising traces of free oxygen in the atmosphere of the red planet. Given that this element tends to rapidly recombine with other atmospheric elements, for a large quantity to exist there has to be some process constantly producing it. The metabolism of some living organisms, like plants, is nearly the only process capable of producing oxygen and methane in abundance.

Luciano Méndez is also the author of the popular article, Focusing on Humans.

- posted by Alex @ 13:18 EST