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Sunday, February 27, 2005

New Novel Focuses on Mission to Mars, Red Colony

Shadows of Medusa.
Shadows of Medusa.
Credit: PublishAmerica
Shadows of Medusa, by Brian Enke of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, is being released today. A mystery/science-fiction novel, his book centers around Mars Direct, Robert Zubrin's plan to travel to Mars. The book is dedicated to the astronauts who have lost their lives in NASA's space flight disasters, as well as the Mars Society, Planetary Society, Red Colony and others! Also, within the book is an organization called the Space Exploration Alliance (SEA) which Brian explains is a merger of those organizations. The SEA plays a major role in the plot.

This book is so true to reality... this isn't the science fiction you're used to. Characters are deep and complex, their thoughts are inspired and their actions are fluid. Already since he began writing, much of the book has become true, like the formation of a space alliance. He explains:

The SEA concept in the book actually came about through several iterations. The SEA is a good example of what could have been a profound, sci-fi'ish idea at the time... and then it really happened! ...another one of those amazing coincidences that kept happening as I wrote the book and afterwards: this "frozen ocean" on Mars that has been getting so much press this past week is only a couple hundred km's away from my crew's landing site. Sounds like great fodder for some scenes in a sequel! There are several others - and I note some of them in the preface.

Red Colony will be reviewing the book. I've already read some of it, and I find it to be very exciting and inspirational. I'm sure many "fresh recruits," as Brian calls them, will be introduced to the cause through this book. You can buy it at Brian's website or at

- posted by Alex @ 13:05 EST