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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Other Papers and Websites

Other Mars papers.
Other Mars papers.
Credit: Unknown
Although Red Colony prides itself in its many original articles, short stories, and novels, there's still so much out there. Across the expanse of the Internet exist many important papers written by the leaders in the fields of Mars colonization and terraformation. That's why we're happy to introduce the Other Papers and Websites feature of Red Colony. The page includes those papers long understood to be part of the holy Mars canon, influential and respected literature pertaining to colonizing and terraforming Mars, but published outside of Red Colony.

Grant Bonin's The Space Lottery is the most recent of these papers. He drew out attention to his work, after presenting at the 7th annual Mars Society Conference last year, with this exciting "alternative fundraising proposal" as he calls it. Here's a snippet:

"History has proven that it is in a competitive market of free ideas and tangible rewards that humanity's greatest potential can be realized. It is when we are truly exploring the unknown -- and often with great personal incentive -- that we reach beyond the safe and familiar into realms untouched, filled with promise and reward. New incentive brings with it new innovation; and new innovation means easier access to new possibilities, and better ways to explore them. It is to our detriment that we continue to disregard the call of space and at our peril that we ignore its warnings. The time has come to once again look up."

The list is always growing. If you know of any other papers or sites that should be listed there, please contact us.

- posted by Alex @ 19:49 EST