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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Painting: Mars Panorama

A photo of Mars compared to Méndez's painting (below).
A photo of Mars compared to Méndez's painting (below).
Credit: Luciano Méndez
Luciano Méndez has submitted an acrylic painting of Mars. The painting can be found on the Art and Screenshots page under "Fan Art." The image is actually a series of four separate images, which when combined form a panoramic view of Mars. The scene include a massive volcano, plain, and ravine. His paintings are amazingly realistic, and curiously similar to a photo taken of the horizon at Spirit's landing site, shown at left. The full panorama is currently on display at the Planetarium of Rosario City, in Argentina.

If you have any original drawings or paintings which you would like to submit to Red Colony, feel free to send us an email. And as always, you can submit your original articles or fiction about colonizing or terraforming Mars. Méndez is also the author of several articles on Red Colony.

A link to the full panorama can be found here.

- posted by Alex @ 15:47 EST