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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

New Article: What to Do on the Moon

Earth's beautiful moon.
Earth's beautiful moon.
Credit: Harvard University
Although it's not about colonizing Mars, Steven Wintergerst's What to Do on the Moon gives a great introduction to the benefits of colonizing the moon. His article is split into several categories, with what the moon has to offer each: resources, astronomers, electricity, green houses, automated rovers, vacuum industries, rover transport, mining, satellite construction, and ballistic shipping. Steven is one of the largest contributors to Red Colony, and his articles, like this one, are consistently well-written. Here's a snippet:

I have chosen the moon, not for any reasons of feasibility, but because it is the closest world to the earth. The moon is ever present. Its size and brightness make it the realest of the extraterrestrial worlds in the common mind. Beyond that, manned missions to the moon are a proven fact. Having done something once makes doing it again, or at all, far more attractive to politicians, who try to stick to the known possibilities. A third reason is the unknown quantity of microbes. The moon has no microbes, but a flurry of papers, and websites have claimed that Mars probably does. The public has learned to fear and mistrust all microbes, even the ones that let cows eat hay.

Read this highly intriguing article to learn more.

- posted by Alex @ 20:56 EST