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Thursday, June 9, 2005

New Short Story: From Your Front Door to Mars

A city on Mars.
A city on Mars.
Credit: Michele Elaine Wilson
Frank Stratford has submitted a short story entitled, From Your Front Door to Mars. The story puts you in the shoes of a person whose family arrives in the first city on Mars to begin their new lives. But his story is a call to action, a demand that his future become a reality:

This vision of the future is my own. It may or may not happen but if it does not happen it will be because we could not and would not open our minds up to the possibilities that Mars holds for a new branch of human civilization. We and our children may well be the first settlers on Mars but only if we make the necessary preparations. This means getting people on the surface as soon as possible. We have the technology and we have the resources to make it to Mars as we have had for decades, what we lack is the vision and the drive. We are the only reason we are not on Mars, we the people. The entire planet can be changed so that we can even walk around on the surface and breath the air that we have created, but it all has to start somewhere. Our leaders need to know that we the people want to go to Mars for all the potential benefits it will hold and for the opportunities it will create for an increasingly unemployed young generation. Mars would give us that direction we need and so much more. Will you catch this vision too? Will you join us to Mars?

- posted by Alex @ 1:24 EST