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Monday, June 20, 2005

New Novel: Colonists

Future Martian colonists.
Future Martian colonists.
Credit: Unknown
Geoff O'Callaghan has written a full-length novel, entitled Colonists. The novel is slated to be produced as a film in Australia in 2006 or 2007. In Geoff's own words, here's a brief outline of the beginning of the story, without giving away any of the later plot details:

Colonist families, en-route to Mars, lose their adults to pollution in the feed lines, leaving their children: Stephen, Karla, Patricia , Anthony, Simon, Harry, Henrietta, Gary, and Pierre as orphans. This places an unwanted load on the existing workforce of Olympus base which is now short of workers, and must also care for nine grieving children. Command Neil Gordschsky decides to put the youngsters into his workforce where they will learn to look after themselves, to work, and to study.

The plan goes well as the Mayflower orphans learn to dig tunnels, drive trucks, collect cargo, clean vehicles, operate atmospheric plants, generators, and survey equipment. They even take part in creating new secondary bases Pavonis Gusev and Pavonis. Time passes, and they grow to love Mars, and its challenging environment. Karla becomes very attached to George who is Neilís assistant.

Stephen and three friends are nearly killed while on a mineral survey. While trapped in the cave, Stephen discovers a cache of gem quality diamonds. On the advice of his friend and mentor Kevin, he decides to keep the discovery secret.

You'll have to read to find out what happens next.

- posted by Alex @ 11:37 EST