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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Article: Nature's Agenda

The movement of life to Mars.
The movement of life to Mars.
Credit: Hans L.D.G. Starlife
Few articles can really capture the imagination so well as this. Hans L.D.G. Starlife has submitted his article, Nature's Agenda to Red Colony. A winner of the European Mars Society's Essay Contest in 2004, this article truly should be read by any newcomer or veteran to the Mars scene in order to inspire them to mankind's potential in the universe. Here's a snippet of his article:

In fact, if we choose to hinder this evolutionary drive by not migrating to Mars and interact with its environment, it would be as if our ancestors had chosen not to start cultivating the fields, simply because they didn't want to disturb the local plant life there. Is anyone today seriously suggesting we Humans should have remained hunters and nomads, not starting to cultivate our lands for this reasonÖ?

Interaction and interference are given ingredients in most evolution - physical, chemical, biological as well as cultural Ė here on Earth as well as everywhere else in our dynamic, everchanging universe. Dandelions and supernovas both influence their surroundings with their "seeds", for better or for worse. Thatís how itís supposed to be.

As we now learn to set sail for the Red Planet beaconing in the sky, to visit or to settle, to change ourselves or to change the planet, we should think about this greater agenda, subtle and hidden as it may be. As instruments of the cosmos, we are also contributing to this grand experiment called Life, tirelessly and continuously trying to surpass itself.

- posted by Alex @ 11:36 EST